Park Bench Donation

Bench on Grass

Memories made to last...…

Whether you are remembering a loved one, honoring an important person or group, or just want to help beautify your town, donating a park bench or picnic table is a tasteful way to make a lifetime investment in Buffalo. 

These benches are approximately 6 feet long and made with recycled plastic. All of the boards on this 6' bench are made from plastic waste, primarily milk cartons and laundry detergent containers. It takes approximately eight 1 gallon milk containers to make a pound of material. Our park benches are made from 3x4 boards. Each bench requires 8 of these boards or about 1,592 total milk cartons. Not only are you helping park users and sharing a message, but also helping in reducing, reusing, AND recycling! 

If you’re interested in donating a bench to a Buffalo Park, please fill out the online form via our Online Reservation System.

While we try our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee placement in a specific area. We will provide other recommended areas to you.