Storm Sewer Maintenance

Storm sewers collect rain water run off from streets and other impervious surfaces.  They drain into our lakes or other natural wetlands. 

To help keep our lakes and wetlands clean, please avoid dumping anything that would be hazardous into the system. Examples are:

  • Raked leaves and other debris around the Storm Sewer Drain as they will clog the system
  • Hazardous wastes such as motor oil or anti-freeze.  They will pollute our lakes and wetlands if dumped into the system. 

Protect Storm Drains 

Read about Illicit Discharge (PDF) and how it affects our Storm Sewer System. 

If you notice that any catch basins are plugged or blocked, please  email Carey Kotilinek or call 763-684-5425.

  1. Carey Kotilinek

    Streets & Facilities Maintenance Superintendent

  2. Public Works

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