Street signs are a very important part of every city. Please Email Carey Kotilinek or call 763-684-5425 to report a  missing or damaged street sign. 

Street sign visibility

Overgrown vegetation blocking the view of traffic signs can lead to dangerous vehicle situations in our neighborhoods and streets.  Home/Business/Property Owners & Occupants  are responsible for  trimming and maintaining any overgrown vegetation if it is blocking a traffic sign or signal adjacent to your property.  Signs must be visible to reduce accidents and ensure motorists and pedestrians to see crossing traffic and signage.

The City of Buffalo has adopted ordinances for properties which require corner lots to be clear of structures, plantings, signage, etc. to allow for improved visibility. If there is a visibility issue, City Staff will send a letter to the homeowner or occupant to correct the problem. If it is not corrected in a timely manner, the City will remove the obstruction at your expense.

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