Lawn Irrigation

Certain limitations have been established to help conserve water resources and allow the city's water system flexibility in meeting peak demands.  These limitations are outlined below.  The city code that talks about these limitations can be found in City Code Section 16.2 - Conservation Measures .

  • An odd-even irrigation restriction (PDF) based on street addresses is in effect from May1 to October 1 each year.  Property owners with odd-numbered addresses may water on odd calendar days, and property owners with even-numbered addresses may water on even calendar days.
  • Homeowners' associations and apartment complexes that provide a common irrigation system shall irrigate only every other day.
  • City water shall not be used for the purposes of irrigating or watering lawns, sod, or seeded areas between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. daily.Irrigation Sprinkler

The following situations DO NOT apply to the above restrictions:

  • Limited hand watering of plants using a hose or handheld watering container.
  • Irrigation of new landscaping, sod, or seed within 30 days of installation.
  • Watering of vegetable and flower gardens.

Drilling wells within the city limits is prohibited.  Surface water irrigation systems may be used but must follow all state and local codes.  Irrigation systems must be separate and not cross connected with the city's potable water system. 

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