Water Reclamation

Water Reclamation TeamThe Water Reclamation Department operates and maintains the sanitary sewer utilities as well as the wastewater collection system including the lift stations within the City of Buffalo. The system includes 514,700 lineal feet of Sewer Main and 26 Lift Stations. Please see the Water Reclamation Annual Report (PDF) for an overview of our campus and system.

Lift Stations

Lift stations pump wastewater and sewage over, under and through different terrain to "lift" it to a higher elevation as needed. Report any Red Blinking Lights on the lift station to the Water Reclamation Department by emailing or calling 763-682-1001. 

Sewer line maintenance

We all need to do our part to keep our sewer system from backing up, clogging, and causing damage.  The Water Reclamation Department follows a 5 year cycle for cleaning our sewer lines.  

 Ways to keep the system from clogging are:

  • Do Not Fat's, Oil's or Greases (FOG's) down the kitchen drain. See City Ordinance Sec 48/Div 2. FOG's 
  • Do Not flush paper products that do no disintegrate easily. Be wary if the packaging says safe for septic systems. Read how Flushable wipes (PDF) are causing problems within our city and state sewer mains. 
  • Do Not connect anything to the sewer lines that is illegal including sump pumps, french drains, or roof gutter drains.  See City Ordinance Sec 48-109/110.


The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regulates wastewater treatment activities in Minnesota. To learn more visit a Resident's Guide to wastewater