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Start, Stop or Transfer Utility Service

  1. This form is for Starting, Stopping  OR Transferring Utility Services with the City of Buffalo

    Please call the Utility Billing office for further questions in regards to your utility services at 763-682-1001

  2. Please check appropriate box
  3. This Section is for Moving IN or Transferring Service
  4. Buffalo, MN  55313

  5. Buffalo, MN 55313

  6. Primary Contact Information
  7. Secondary Contact Information
  8. Do you own or rent your residence?*

    If you are renting please list your Landlord's information 

  9. Garbage & Recycling
  10. Recycling
  11. Garbage Can Size
  12. Blue Bag Organics (No Extra Charge)
  13. This Section is for Moving OUT of the City of Buffalo
  14. Buffalo, MN  55313

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