Online Permitting & Licensing

The City of Buffalo is now partnering with Citizenserve to provide comprehensive community development e-government application, processing and payment solutions for building permits, code enforcement, planning and zoning, business licensing applications and renewals, and customer request tracking 


A permit is required for projects which include constructing, building, demolishing, altering, moving, or adding onto any building or structure, or projects including grading, or adding impervious surface.

 In some cases a permit is not necessary. The following activities do not require a permit.

  • Construction or installation of a fence 6 feet in height or less. Check out the fence flyer (PDF) for more info.
  • Sheds/accessory structures smaller than 200 square feet. Check out the shed flyer (PDF) for more info.
  • Planting of vegetation/landscaping: trees, shrubs, flowers/plants, etc.
  • Painting, flooring, and similar finish work.

Special Events

Special Events are defined as any parade, race, procession, carnival, community picnic, celebration, fundraiser, dance, concert, large assembly, or other special event on City property within the corporate limits of the City of Buffalo. The full City of Buffalo Special Events Policy is attached to the Special Events Permit (PDF) A completed application must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the first date of the event.  Your event may also require a Temporary Liquor License  or other separate permits as needed (see permits below). 

Temporary Liquor License for Special Events

Temporary licenses are for special events such as weddings, benefits, community festivals, or non-profit events need to be applied for no later than one month before your event as it needs City Council approval. Licenses will also require Police presence & public safety fee, a Certificate of Liability Insurance and application & permit for MN Department of Safety Alcohol & Gambling Division all of which are explained in the application.

Liquor, Wine, & Tobacco licenses are renewed annually.  

For more information MN Department of Safety Alcohol & Gambling Division website. 

Golf Cart Permit

This permit is an annual permit issued for residents who meet the requirements. See City Code Sec 46-11

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