Spring Load Restrictions

Spring Load Restrictions:

The Spring Weight Restrictions will be lifted on City of Buffalo roads and Wright County highways on Monday, April 24th at 12:00am

  • The City of Buffalo follows MnDOT's start and end dates for load restrictions.  
    • Buffalo is in the METRO FROST ZONE however, we reserve the right to place and remove restrictions based on how weather is affecting roadway strength based on both visual observation and data obtained from the Otsego freeze/thaw ground monitoring station.
    • All starting and ending dates begin at 12:01 am and are preceded by at least a three-day advance notice on this website and on MnDOT's website
    • MnDOT also offers the opportunity to receive updates automatically by subscribing to receive e-mail updates
  • NO overweight permits will be granted on City of Buffalo public streets

Spring Load Restriction Historical Data

2023 March 10 April 24
2022 March 18 May 13
2021 March 5 April 26
2020 March 9 May 4
2019 March 19 May 14
2018 March 16 May 11
2017 February 21 April 17
2016 February 29 April 15