Mills-Sturges Park

Large Wooded Park with Walking Path

Mills-Sturges Park is located at the 1000 Block of 3rd Ave NW. This large, wooded park in the heart of NW Buffalo has a short, paved walking trail that connects 3rd Ave NW with Kensington Way and is used by many walkers who use the city sidewalk to make a nice "loop walk" for a stroll through nature. The picnic shelter is a great place to stop and rest in the shade and watch your children as they enjoy the playground. The half-court basketball area is a great place to work on your basketball skills or challenge your friends to a game of one-one.  There is also an open area where you can toss a baseball or football around if you choose.

MIls-Sturges Park Amenities

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1000 Block of 3rd Ave NW


6:00 AM - 10:00 PM


  • Basketball Court (Bituminous)
  • Mutt Mitt Dispenser (Pet Waste Bags)
  • Open Space
  • Picnic Tables
  • Play Structure 
  • Shelter
  • Walking Path

Play Structure area has pea rock as a base for the play area.


13.5 Acres