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Election Results

Unofficial Results for the Buffalo City Offices*

Lachermeier, Teri  2839  1857  1506  57  *6259
Downer, Steve 1381  1037  784  31  *3233
Kittock, Linda M.  996  656  587  10  *2249
Krueger, Carla  929  602  468  17  *2016
Volk, Joe  807  498  414  25  *1744
Wakefield, Jameson  907  673  428  9  *2017

*Results are not official until City Canvassing Board approves on 11/14/16. Candidates listed in alphabetical order and in no other particular order. Write-ins not posted at this time. 

Results for Federal, State, & County Offices

2016 Candidate Profiles

The Buffalo Council and Mayor Candidate Forum took place Tuesday, September 27, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. at Buffalo City Center, 212 Central Ave., in the City Council Chambers. The candidates were asked prepared questions from Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce President Sue Olmscheid. The candidates who were present were Teri Lachermeier for Mayor and Council Candidates Steve Downer, Carla Krueger, and Jameson Wakefield. Council Candidate Joe Volk was prerecorded, but answered the same questions given to the live forum.

The forum is televised on City’s cable channel, Charter 180, live and then at various scheduled times between September 27th and the date of the General Election.

To view the forum live or on demand, click HERE.



I believe I have the necessary experience & leadership skills to help keep Buffalo moving forward.



I am running for the Buffalo City Council because:

  1. I have spent most of my professional life working with cities and municipal electric utilities. Buffalo owns and operates its own electric utility. The utility transfers approximately $1 million annually to the general fund, which directly reduces your property taxes. I will be an asset to the utility and its customers in this area.
  2. Buffalo’s senior staff has served the city well for many years, but many are nearing retirement age. Putting in place the next generation of city staff leadership will be the most important task for a future council. The organizational structure is also important. We have to plan well for an orderly transition. My professional experience will be invaluable here.
  3. During six years of council service from 2008-2014, I proved I could lead on an issue, build trust, maintain relationships when differing, and be a productive member of a leadership team. People have urged me to run. I would like to serve and can be an asset for the city and its citizens.

There are other issues, including downtown, the golf course, civic center and community center.  I have worked on and considered these issues for a number of years.  Buffalo is a great place.  We need to make wise decisions now, for it to be an attractive place to live, work and play in the future.

I promise to listen, be a good steward of our limited resources, and work to find the best solutions possible.



My wife, Kate, and I have lived in Buffalo for the past 7 years along with our 5 and 3 year old daughters, Sophia and Greta. Buffalo is a great community that I want to continue building and help provide ample opportunities for the residents. I am fiscally conservative and I want to bring those values to our City Council. I will work hard to maintain a fiscally conservative approach to spending and revenue generation. I want to make sure Buffalo is viewed as being friendly to businesses of all sizes as well as retail and manufacturing companies. I also want to continue to build upon our parks system and make sure that we provide opportunities for families to be outside enjoying everything Buffalo has to offer. I am humbly asking for your support and vote so that we can continue to make Buffalo a great place to live and raise a family.

Thank you for your vote!   Joe Volk



Worked for over 10 yrs in Buffalo (City of) Finance Dept. Extensive experience in managing state and local government finances.



I have talked to several people in just a few short weeks, about problems with the detours and road closures etc. I have heard from several of you. That the majority of you like to pass the buck or play the blame game. Get Real! These are real people that are driving these roads on a daily basis. All of us would like to come home safe to our families too! It may look good on paper at the time. But is it really good for everyone to have to risk there lives on all these detours? A person calls and complains to whoever. I think we all would like some respect when calling! All the people that are involved in some way or in charge of the construction project, should just listen to what is being said. They tell you that I can’t talk long. They have another meeting to go to. Do you really have another meeting? Or is it just another brush off or excuse to get someone off the phone! This doesn’t resolve any issues! Take sometime out of your busy schedules and start listening and talking to people. You know who you are! Why don’t you try to work together to get this job done! Make it easier for us people who have to drive daily in this construction zone. Try to find solutions to the problems. Not creating new ones. Your do nothing attitude toward these problems means you don’t care. You are only there to get that project done for a short amount of time you have to do it in. There are some motorists that I seen in the past few weeks don’t care if they cut in front of you. Just because you are in the way. Majority of us people that been driving for years are careful. But in reality it’s road construction and people are frustrated, disgusted with it all! When is this ever going to end!



Having been active in politics at the state and federal level for many years, I’ve learned city and county governments often have the biggest immediate impact on citizens’ day-to-day lives and are the most readily accessible government body for citizens to influence policy. For a city like Buffalo, the task of the Mayor and City Council is one of balancing growth and quality of life with fiscal responsibility. I believe there are some core aspects city governments should focus on:

  • Property rights are the most important aspect of city government
  • Debt is a tool that should be used judiciously to avoid burdening the city’s tax base with increasing debt servicing obligations
  • Providing the city’s tax base with the primary services they paid for is job one

Buffalo has retained a small-town feel, even with the substantial growth in population over the past 15 years. The easier pace of life, as well as access to the lakes, parks and other amenities make Buffalo a great place to live and raise children. This is what drew my wife and I to this community 12 years ago. It is something that the city needs to work hard to retain while continuing to bring new business and job opportunities into the community.

Election Calendar

State Primary Election – August 9, 2016

State General Election – November 8, 2016

  • Voting hours are 7 am – 8 pm
How do I register to Vote?

Registration ahead of time saves time and hassle on election day.

Voter Registration Card

Make your voting experience easier this year by pre-registering before election day. You must register to vote if you are a new resident, have moved to another precinct in the City, or if you did not vote in the election held in 2012 or 2014. 

You can pre-register at the Wright County Government Center until July 2016 for the primary election or until October 2016 for the general election. Registration can also be done the day of election at your precinct location. 

There are specific identification requirements that must be presented at the time you register. You must present one of the following items: 

• A Minnesota driver’s license, learners permit, state identification card, or the temporary receipt for one of these items. Ideally, the license or ID card will have the current address on it, and that’s all the voter needs to register. 

• If the license or ID has a former address, the voter may bring a recent utility bill for proof of the current address. Whenever a voter uses a utility bill, it must have the voter’s name and current address on it, and the due date must be within 30 days of the election. The bill can be for any of the usual utilities including gas, water, electric, waste removal, telephone, and cable TV. 

• A U.S. passport with a utility bill; 

• A U.S. military photo ID card with a utility bill; 

• A “Notice of Late Registration” with the current address; 

• Student ID card, fee, fee statement, or class registration, with the current address; 

• A student photo ID card with a utility bill; or 

• A school may provide a certified student list that shows students’ campus addresses which can be used with a student photo ID card.

• Voucher. If you don’t have any of these, you can still vote by having someone who is registered in the same precinct “vouch” for your identity and residence. 

Absentee Voting

Click here for information on Absentee Voting.

Voters can now vote early through the absentee voting process.  Absentee voting for the 2016 General Election will occur between Friday, September 23rd and Monday, November 7th.  Eligible voters of the City of Buffalo can fill out the application below and return it to City Hall in person, by mail, by email or by fax, or an application can be submitted online via the link above.

Absentee Ballot Application – City of Buffalo Residents

Absentee Ballot Status Check
Where do I go to vote?

Do you know where to go to vote?

****November 7, 2017 Election – SCHOOL DISTRICT – City of Buffalo residents vote at the Buffalo Middle School.  If you live outside City limits, please use the Precinct Finder below which will tell you where to vote in this School District Election.*****

Precinct Finder

For regular even year elections, the City of Buffalo has four voting precincts. Each has its own voting location, so be sure to know where you should vote on election day.  

PRECINCT 1 is the area north of Hwy. 55.  Voters will vote at the Buffalo High School. It is located along Bison Blvd (Dague Avenue) off of County Road 35.  

PRECINCT 2 is the area that is considered the central part of town. It is the area on the south side of Highway 55, inside of Second Street South, where it intersects with Highway 25 near Buffalo Lake.  It excludes the Bella Vista development.  They will vote at the Northwinds Elementary School, 1111 7th Ave NW. 

PRECINCT 3 is the southern most part of the city and is bounded by Second Street South on the north side, south along Highway 25 South on the east side and Montrose Boulevard on the west side along Buffalo Lake. Voters of precinct three vote at Zion Lutheran Church. 

PRECINCT 4 includes the Bella Vista development.  This precinct will vote by mail.

If you have any questions, contact the City Center with your address, at 763-682-1181. We will be happy to look up your precinct location.  Or use our Online Precinct Location System provided by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Precinct Map

Precinct Map

Click here to view the Precinct Map.

Election Judge Information

Election 2016

Apply to be an Election Judge  

Election Judge Training Sessions – All election judges must be trained in order to serve.  Several training sessions will be set during the month of June or July around Wright County.  

Election Judge Trainees – If you are a high school student, age 16 or 17, you could qualify to serve as an Election Judge Trainee.  See the attached pamphlet and call 684-5407 if you would like more information or would like to apply to be an election judge for the Primary or General Elections in 2016. 

Automated Precinct Finder Provided by the Secretary of State’s Office – This tool helps voters find which precinct they should vote in.  This computerized tool will be provided in each of Buffalo Precincts this year. 

Election Judge Training Information

Precinct Caucus Finder

Precinct Caucus Finder will help you locate the time and place of the caucus meetings in your area. Provided by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Candidate Information

Forms for Candidates:

Affidavit of Candidacy 2016
Affidavit of Withdrawal
Campaign Manual 2016
Chapter 314 changes
Chapter 327 changes
Financial Reporting Forms
    (These reports must remain posted on-line until October 1, 2020. For more
      information please click HERE.)
Financial Report Certification
IRS Fact Sheet
Letter From MNDOT to Candidates
Expiration of terms are as follows:
December 31, 2016:  Mayor Nauman
December 31, 2016:  Council member Olson
December 31, 2016:  Council member Lachermeier
December 31, 2018:  Council member Enter
December 31, 2018:  Council member Anderson
Military Voting

Click here for information on Military Voting.

Questions about elections?

Call Jennifer Nash at 763-684-5407 or email

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