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Providing the community with utilities that meet high standards in quality and service.  It is our goal to provide electric; fiber communications; water; street lighting; storm sewer; and wastewater systems in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner.  To promote a standard of excellence in response to emergencies restoring services while protecting the public safety.  Our focus is on the community; and our productivity is our contribution to a higher standard of living.

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Utility Services

Budget Billing Request

Budget billing is a program available to City of Buffalo utility customers to even out their energy costs by paying a more consistent amount each month. This will help manage unanticipated high billings due to warmer or cooler weather than is the norm.

To be eligible for budget billing you must:

  • Have a 12 month billing history at your current location
  • Be current in your utility payments
  • Agree to pay the full budget amount each and every month by the due date
  • Agree that any payment less than the budget amount will be subject to shut-off
  • Agree that if shut-off for non-payment, the account is not eligible for budget billing for a calendar year
  • Agree that after two delinquent payments, the account is not eligible for budget billing for a calendar year
  • Agree that budget billing accounts are ineligible for time extensions or payment agreements
  • Agree the final bill must be paid in full when the utility account is closed.  Credit balances will be transferred to the customer’s new account.  If the customer doesn’t have a new account, the credit balance will be refunded.

How do I participate in budget billing?
You may participate in the budget billing program by submitting your application online on our website (below) or by completing an application form and returning it to Utility Customer Services.

How is the budget billing amount determined?
A budget billing amount is established by taking the previous 12 months’ actual bill and dividing it by 12.

When can I discontinue budget billing?
Budget billing may be discontinued during the year by notification from the customer. The City will choose to discontinue a customer’s budget billing if the customer is delinquent twice during the budget billing period.



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