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Appliance Recycling Residential CFL Bulbs
Central A/C Tune-Up Residential LED Bulbs
Lighting – New Construction Variable Frequency Drive
Lighting Retrofit Vending Machine Controller

Memo dated March 10, 2017:

Thank you for your efforts into making the City of Buffalo Electric conservation program a success. It is a challenge to offer and reimburse approximately $140,000 in rebates annually. Often times it is that first phone call reception that makes all the difference in terms of commitment to conservation.

Unfortunately, due to the current success of the program we have exhausted our conservation funding for 2017. We will however continue processing rebates for approval payable after the first of January 2018. Also, we will continue to communicate with customers about the status of their rebate and offer assurances of payment in 2018.

Thank you again,

Joseph O. Steffel, Utilities Director


For additional information or questions, please call 763-682-5370.


To qualify for these rebates the appliances must be on the current Energy Star list of qualifying appliances and installed in a home that receives its electricity from Buffalo Municipal Electric. To see if your appliance meets the Energy Star rating check with your appliance retailer or check the Energy Star website at Rebate requests are processed on a “first-come first-serve” basis. Funding for the rebate program is limited and any rebate requests received after the funding limit has been reached will not be approved.

Qualifying Customers

Residential customers in the Buffalo Municipal Electric service area are eligible for rebates when buying qualifying energy efficient appliances.

Application Details

Customers must apply for rebates within one year of the purchase date shown on the sales receipt. Buffalo Municipal Electric issues cash rebates in the form of checks, not utility bill credits. Applications must include complete retailer and appliance information . Failure to complete this information will result in a rejection of the application. Buffalo Municipal Electric reserves the right to conduct random inspections to verify installation of the refrigerator at the address indicated on the form. Rebate qualifications and amounts are subject to change at any time. The Buffalo Municipal Electric’s conservation rebate programs may be cancelled or changed with 60 days notice. Customers should check with the Buffalo Municipal Electric office to determine whether program changes have occurred.

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