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BMU has built the Fiber Optic Network with reliability in mind.  It uses state of the art routers and switches from proven technology to route and manage information on the system.  The physical fiber has been certified as 99.9% accurate in transmission of data.  Our topology/network configuration is done with security in mind.  

Moreover, we have emergency repair kits available from a local fiber cable installer should our lines be cut.  We also staff a 24×7 emergency service for problems that may arise.  We are right here to serve you!

Locally Owned

The BMU system was the outcome of the thoughts and dreams of local businesses and governments.  It was with their input and planning that the system was constructed.  It is owned by you, for you.  High speed communications (broadband communication services) were not available from any other source in Buffalo.  Broadband communication services are available now for your use.  Other people promise it, we deliver it!


Our fiber optic network makes gigabit point to point network connections possible.  We also offer fiber optic Internet connection services up to 100 mbps and wireless Internet connections up to 5 mbps.

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