Recycling Center

Recycling Center

Building Materials

Items such as wood, sheetrock, old fencing material, concrete, windows, doors, etc. (demolition materials) and appliances are not collected by sanitation crews.  Arrangements need to be made with a demolition dump site to dispose of these materials, or bring to one of the scheduled community cleanup days in the Spring or Fall.

Christmas Trees

City staff will collect Christmas trees on a selected date in January.  Trees should be placed near the curb, out of reach of snowplows.  Please remove all metal (nailed-on wooden stands, wire and ornaments) and plastic bags from the trees so they can be mulched.  Check City website or local paper for scheduled pick up date, or call (763) 682-1181.

Cleanup Days

A Spring Clean Up is scheduled generally for two days in end of April or early May.  These days provide City residents an opportunity to dispose of a wide variety of items including appliances, tires, electronics, and other items.  A fee will be charged for disposal of items.  Residents will be asked to present identification (with proof of residence) prior to disposing of items. Check website or local papers for exact dates and fee schedule.

Compost Facility

CompostTHE COMPOST SITE IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.       The compost facility is located just west of the Civic Center at 1306 County Road 134 and along side the soccer fields.  The compost facility hoursThe facility is closed on holidays and no access is allowed after hours.  Materials accepted at the facility are brush, grass clippings, leaves, and yard waste.  Wood chips and composted soil are available for resident’s general use.  Leaves need to be removed from plastic bags so plastic does not end up in the compost that is made for other residents to use.

Garbage/Large Item Pickup

Garbage collection is every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, depending on where you live in the city.  If you don’t know which day is your garbage day, call (763) 682-1001.  

Sometimes households have extra garbage or larger items such as furniture that need to be disposed.  These items will be picked up on your regular garbage pickup date, and will be billed to the occupant directly by our garbage hauler.  Call Waste Management before placing items at curbside to arrange for pickup and payment at 1-800-450-9378.    

If you have appliances that need to be recycled and you do not want to wait until clean up days, you can contact Arca at 952-930-1700 to arrange for curbside pickup of your appliance or you can deliver them to Elk River Landfill (763-441-2464).  

If one of the following holidays falls before or on your pickup day during the week, your garbage will be picked up a day later than typical pickup date.  (New Year’s, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas). 

Hazardous Household Waste Disposal

Wright County has a program that helps county residents with the disposal of toxic household products and paint.  If you would like more information about the program, call the county at 763-682-3900. 

Illegal Dumping

It is against City Ordinance to store or dispose trash, rubbish, appliances, machinery or motor vehicles, junk, building and demolition materials on any private property located within the City.  

In addition, it is illegal to dispose residential garbage and waste in garbage dumpsters at any business/location throughout City, or garbage cans on public property.  Violators will be prosecuted.

Leaf Pickup

City staff collects bagged leaves on a specific date in late October/early November.  Place bagged leaves at curb by 6:00 AM on collection date.  Check City website or local papers for the scheduled pickup date, or call (763) 682-1181.

Medical Waste Disposal

Materials such as intravenous tubes and bottles, syringe needles and lancets are considered household medical waste. Household medical waste is not recyclable and it should not be flushed into the sanitary sewer system. 

Proper disposal of medical waste includes using a Sharp’s Container or a Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper. Either may be purchased where prescriptions are filled. Other economical methods of safe disposal include the use of empty containers that may be found in the home. Following are examples of containers that would be suitable for disposal of used household medical waste:

  • Empty metal coffee can with a plastic lid. Label the can, “Household Medical Waste” and keep out of reach of children. When full, secure the plastic lid on the can with heavy duty tape and dispose the coffee can in the garbage.
  • Empty heavy duty plastic laundry detergent or bleach containers. Label the container, “Household Medical Waste” and keep out of reach of children. When full, attach the cap tightly on the container and dispose in the garbage.

Call the Wright County Public Works Department at (763) 682-7383 for more information.


Recycling Calendar 

Wondering what day you recycle or if you are a green or gold week?

Recyclable materials are collected from residential homes at the curb, every other week, on the scheduled garbage collection day.  If you do not know which week your recycling pickup is, contact us at 763-682-1001.  Place your recycling bin out on collection day by 7:00 AM.

Recyclable materials include: newsprint, junk mail, phone books, computer paper, magazines, metal/aluminum cans, glass containers, plastic (#1 and 2 plastic bottles) bottles and corrugated cardboard.  You can put steel cans, plastic, and aluminum cans in the same bin without using separate paper bags.

Non-recyclable materials include:  certain glass items (drinking glasses, windows, mirrors, ceramic glass), metal (metal chunks of rod iron, iron or galvanized steel), aerosol cans, plastics used to contain hazardous materials, and miscellaneous items (building products, Styrofoam, egg cartons, pop and cigarette boxes).

Yard Waste & Brush

Yard waste and brush can be dropped off free of charge at the City Compost Facility located at 1305 County Road 134 (near the airport and Civic Center). The compost facility hours.  The facility is available to residents who live within the city limits of Buffalo—only brush and yard waste generated on properties within city limits will be accepted.  Only brush and yard waste may be unloaded at site, and plastic bags or other containers must be removed.

Wood chips and composted soil are also available at the compost site for the public’s general use.  If you have questions regarding the compost facility call the City Center at 763-682-1181.

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