Public Works

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for and coordinates all of the activities for Park and Street Maintenance.  Primary responsibilities include building maintenance, fleet services, park maintenance, snow plowing, storm cleanup, street repair, and maintaining the compost site.

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact

763-682-1181 or 911

City Administrator:

Laureen Bodin

Phone: 763-682-1181

Street Foreperson:

Carey Kotilinek

Phone: 763-682-0006


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Street Department Services

Snow Removal

Effort is made to clear City streets within 24 hours of the start of the snowfall.  This requires approximately 12 hours of operations for a normal snowfall of 2 to 6 inches, beginning with arterials, and then follow with residential and cul-de-sac streets.  Ice control is ordered as conditions warrant.  

Fire Hydrants

Residents and business owners with fire hydrants adjacent to their yards are asked to keep them clear of snow and other obstructions.  If your neighborhood fire hydrant has not been cleared of surrounding snow, neighbors are encouraged to help each other out with this task to ensure the quickest access possible in the event of a fire.  After a major snow build-up in the boulevard, the Utilities Department will also attempt to clear access to critical hydrants as personnel availability allows.  


The City will determine repair/replacement of mailboxes, on an individual basis, claims of damage to mailboxes caused by snow plowing.  If damage is caused by the weight of the snow, there is no reimbursement.  The homeowner must be able to prove that the plow actually hit the mailbox and caused the damage.  If there is reimbursement to repair/replace, installation/labor is the responsibility of the property owner.  Residents are responsible for keeping mailbox accessible for postal delivery. For more information or to report mailbox damage, please contact the City Center at 763-682-1181. 

Mosquito Spraying

The City of Buffalo sprays for mosquitos on Wednesday evenings from June to first week in September.  Spraying will be done on Wednesday evenings with Thursday as the back-up night, weather permitting!

The chemical that is used in our sprayer is Clarke Biomist 4+4 ULV.  Biomist is appropriate for residential and recreational areas.

For more information on Biomist:


Right of Way Intrusions

The City will not be responsible for items, such as fence, timbers, posts, landscaping and sprinkler systems located in the boulevard.  Any items damaged within the City right-of-way as a result of snow removal, would be the responsibility of the property owner, with the exception of turf damage caused from snow plowing.  

Sod/Turf Damage

Reports of sod damage caused by snow plowing will be handled on an individual basis.  For more information, or to report damage, contact the City Center at 763-682-1181. 

Storm Sewer Maintenance

Storm sewers collect rain water run off from streets and other impervious surfaces and drain them into lakes or other natural wetlands.  Please avoid raking leaves and other debris into these areas.  Also avoid dumping hazardous wastes such as motor oil or anti-freeze into storm sewers.  If you notice that any catch basins are plugged or blocked, please contact us as 763-682-1181.

Protect Storm Drains Against Illicit Discharge

Street Maintenance/Repair

Crack Filling/Seal Coating

Each year selected streets will be inspected and crack sealed as needed.


City Council approved sidewalks and trails, primarily along arterials, are plowed by the City, all others are the responsibility of the property owner.  It is the primary responsibility of the owner or occupant of any lot or parcel of land to maintain any snow or ice from adjacent sidewalks.  See City Ordinance.


The City asks that residents call the City Center at 763-682-1181 to report any missing or damaged signs within the City.  The city has adopted an ordinance regarding placement of signs by residents and businesses in right-of-ways. Signs removed by the City’s Public Works staff can be retrieved by the dumpster at the Streets & Parks Facility located at 1303 County Road 134.  Signs placed adjacent Highway 25 or Highway 55 are under MNDOT’s regulations and will need to be retrieved from MNDOT. 

Street Sweeping

The City Street Department sweeps City streets on a consistent schedule. 


To whom do I report a street light that is out?

If the street light is near you and you pay your home electric bill comes from Wright Hennepin, you will need to contact them at (763) 477-3000 and they will send someone out.

If the street light is near you and you pay your home electric bill to the City of Buffalo, please utilize our 24 hour on-line Service Request program or call the City Center at (763) 682-1001 to report it.

When is my street swept?

All residential streets in the City are swept by a vacuum type street sweeper two times per month. 

How do I report a street maintenance problem?

Maintenance problems on City streets are reported to the Public Works Department at 763-682-1181.  Problems on county roads should be reported to the Wright County Public Works Department, and problems on state and federal roads are reported to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. 

How do I report a traffic signal problem?

Traffic signal problems should be reported to Administration at 763-682-1181.  They will determine whether the signal responsibility is that of the state, county, or city and notify the proper agency in order to have the problem corrected. 

How do I report a problem with a street light?

Depending on the ownership, existing street lights are maintained by the City of Buffalo or Wright Hennepin Electric.  The City performs most maintenance on City owned lights.  If you have a problem with a street light in your neighborhood, call the Utility Department at 763-682-1001.

How do I get a stop sign installed on my street?

Stop signs are installed at intersections where one street should have priority over the traffic on the other street.  On streets with low traffic volumes, stop signs are not normally installed because the Minnesota Right-of-Way Rule (yield to the vehicle on the right) generally works well.  If you have a question on whether or not your street needs a stop sign, call the Police Department at 763-682-5976. 

Where do I report a concern about traffic visibility? What is my responsibility as a resident to maintain property to ensure visibility?

Overgrown vegetation blocking the view of traffic signs can lead to dangerous situations in our neighborhoods and streets.  If vegetation is blocking a traffic sign or signal adjacent to your property, you are responsible to trim the vegetation to a point where the City deems that the visibility of the sign or signal is adequate. The inability of motorists to see crossing traffic is a leading cause of accidents at intersections.  The City has adopted ordinances, which require corner lots to be clear of structures, plantings, signage, etc. to allow for improved visibility.  If the City is notified of a sight problem on your corner, follow-up will be done to determine whether any action will need to be taken.  The City will send a letter to the homeowner, if it is the homeowner’s responsibility to correct the problem.  If the homeowner fails to remove the obstruction in a timely manner, the City will remove it for you at your expense.   If you have questions regarding traffic visibility you can call the City Center at 763-682-1181. 

What is the city’s policy on snow plowing? How can I find out when my street will be plowed? How do I report a problem with snow plowing?

City’s snow plowing procedure varies depending upon the amount of snow received.  If there is a snowfall of less than approximately two inches, then usually only major streets in the City system are plowed.  Sanding is done at stop signs, hills, and curves on the entire system. If more than two inches of snow falls, then all City streets are plowed curb-to-curb, including the removal of snow from cul-de-sacs.

How does snowplowing affect parking on city streets?

After an accumulating snowfall , parking is prohibited until the street has been plowed curb-to-curb.  Violators may be ticketed, or tagged and towed.   

How do I find out about load limits on city roadways?

Check out the Engineering page for spring load restrictions.

What kinds of maps are available from the city of Buffalo?

The Engineering Department has several kinds of maps available for viewing or purchase at the Buffalo City Center.  Maps giving exact property dimensions and details are available.  Other maps giving less detail of each lot, but giving the entire street layout or utility layout are also available.  These maps come in a range of sizes, depending on the type of map.  For more information, contact the Engineering Department at 763-682-1181.  Some maps are also available on the City website–check out maps online.   

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