Adopted 2021 City Budget, Utility Rates, and Fee Schedule:

At the Buffalo City Council meeting on Monday, 12/21/2020 the City Council adopted the City of Buffalo’s 2021 budget, utility rates, and fees effective for 2021.

Important Information

This is a lot of information, where should I start?
The documents reviewed by City Council cover a wide range of City business and impact residents and property owners in different ways.  They include:

  • 2021 Adopted Budget:  This document outlines the operations of the City’s General Fund, which is supported by property taxes and other funds.  The budget reflects the City’s plans, policies, and objectives regarding services to be provided to residents and businesses.  The Executive Summary portion of the budget document (found on pages 22-28) identifies many highlights of the document and is a great place to start.
  • Utilities Rate Study Presentation, and 2021 Proposed Utility Rates: The Utilities Rate Study Presentation shared with City Council summarizes two more in-depth rate study documents – one for the Electric utilities and one for the Water / Wastewater utilities.  The presentation includes charts comparing a user’s current estimated monthly utility bill to the proposed 2021 monthly utility bill (found on pages 13 for water / wastewater, page 25 for electric, and 26 for combined utilities).
  • 2021 Fee Schedule: The Fee Schedule summarizes fees from various city departments that are charged for services provided.  The rate schedule includes but is not limited to parks and recreation rental rates, civic center skating costs, liquor licenses rates, permitting and development fees, and equipment rental rates.  There were no significant increases proposed to the City’s fee schedule. To mitigate a small portion of COVID-19’s impact on restaurants in Buffalo, on sale liquor license fees were reduced by 50% for 2021.

How do I ask questions or get more information?
City Staff and City Council members are eager to answer your questions and receive your feedback. For questions in specific areas, please reach out to the following individuals:


For questions about the 2021 budget?

City Administrator

For questions about the Fee Schedule?

Assistant City Administrator

For questions about the rate study itself?

Finance Manager

For questions about how proposed rates will affect your bill?

Utility Bill Coordinator

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