Press Release 4/8/2021: City Ordinance Enforcement

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Recent events have focused attention on the City of Buffalo’s ordinances and processes for enforcing city code.  The City is working to enforce sign code impartially throughout the city which includes the large flag visible from many parts of Buffalo.  We appreciate your patience as we, along with our City Attorney, work carefully through the legal process.

Generally, for any violations of city code, when a concern is noted or a complaint is received, the city’s code enforcement staff will work with the property owner to educate them on city requirements and achieve voluntary compliance.  The city has two dedicated code enforcement officers who work in collaboration with experts from other city departments to enforce city ordinances year-round.  In some cases, the city must work through legal channels to seek property owner compliance.  This can be an ongoing, complex process and may not result in immediate resolution to the code violation.

City staff members have heard from many community members in recent weeks and are grateful for the passionate residents and diverse opinions in our city that make Buffalo a vibrant community.  We are always eager to listen to residents – questions or concerns via email ( or phone (763.682.1181) will be directed to the right city team member to provide further information or take necessary action.

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