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The City of Buffalo Finance Department handles all of the city’s finances. The department is responsible for accounting and auditing, receipts and disbursements, cash management, investing city funds, administering payroll, employee benefits, and special assessments. The department works with the City Council and Administration in preparing the city’s operating capital improvement budgets.

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Finance Officer

Assessments / Del. Payments


NOTICE:  As a public service the City of Buffalo is providing access to information maintained by the City for individual parcels of property that may have pending and/or levied assessments, fees and charges against them. This information is to be used for reference purposes only. Although reasonable efforts are taken to publish the most current property information, the City of Buffalo does not guarantee accuracy of the material contained herein and is not responsible for misuse or misinterpretations. Certified searches which warrant the information contained within the search are available upon written request and subject to a $50 fee. Outstanding Assessments, Delinquent Utilities, & Other Delinquent Payments

  • Current Year
  • 2020
  • This information is generally updated on a monthly basis.  If you require the most current information, you should submit your written request:
  • By email to
  • By fax to 763-682-6376
  • By US Mail to City of Buffalo, Attn:  Finance, 212 Central Avenue, Buffalo, MN  55313

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