Election Judges Needed

The primary and general elections are scheduled for August 14th and November 6th in 2018.  The City will need election judges for both dates. If you would like to serve as an election judge, here are the criteria. 

Judges must be residents of the City of Buffalo. Training is provided over an afternoon, evening or online.  All judges, even those who have served in prior elections, are required to take this training. The training sessions are usually held in the summertime.  A commitment to serve both of the dates of the primary and general election is important. The election statutes require that there be a balance of Democrats and Republicans for some tasks within precincts, so prospective judges must prepare to state what party they belong to when necessary. 

Judges are paid $9.83 per hour and are provided meals and snacks on both election days. The City encourages that youth are involved and welcomes high school students to serve as election judges in training. 

If you are interested in serving as a judge at the fall elections, please contact Jennifer Nash at Jennifer.Nash@ci.buffalo.mn.us or 684-5407 by May 30, 2018.




Phone Number

Political Party

Student Judge

Under Minnesota law, the above data is public information and is accessible to anyone:  Veteran’s Status, relevant test scores, rank on eligibility, job history, education and training, and work availability.  All other identifiable information is considered private, including, but not limited to your name, home address and phone number and will only be shared with employees and officials of the City of Buffalo.  If you are selected, your name will become public information.    The information requested on the application is necessary, either to identify you or to assist in determining your suitability for this position.  You may legally refuse, but refusal to supply the requested information will mean that your application may not be considered.  

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