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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the wonderful things that have come about over this last year. One of the goals of mine, council and the city staff has been to promote Buffalo both internally and externally. It seems we sometimes take for granted the wonder and awe we experience here in Buffalo. You may have seen the video that was created and shared on our city website as well as Facebook.  If you have not seen it, please check it out on YouTube (just look up www.ci.buffalo.mn.us)

There has been much discussion and planning put into our downtown redevelopment project. With the Coborns building now gone, we are looking at this as a three-phase project. The first stage being high-density housing in the center of our downtown district.  Possibly two buildings that would bring about 300 plus people to our downtown.  With that being said, that density will create a buzz of service and business opportunities in other available spaces.

You may have heard of our dog park recently opening this past fall in the Gary Mattson park off Buffalo Lake.  We wanted to have a place for our residents to have a healthy place to bring their dogs.  I have always felt that our furry friends tend to keep us healthy, so we too need to allow space for them to interact and run around.  Also, this past summer we started bike rentals at Sturges Park and Griffing Park at Pulaski beach. We want those of you who maybe do not have a bike of your own to get out and use our bike paths.  All of this reminds us that we are working to bring our residents out to share space and our wonderful views–a healthy environment that we all can share in.

This coming year we hope to share with you all our plans for the new fire station that will be built on the old St. Francis Xavier School property that the city purchased over 10 years ago. We need this so that we can move our hundred-foot aerial ladder to the downtown station.  It’s a true safety issue with our high-density housing exposure in the downtown area.  The plans should be available for the public in early 2019. The project is expected to start in the spring of 2019 and finish in 2020.

We recently had an open house to discuss the Southeast Phase 3 and Douglas Drive infrastructure improvements. These reconstruction projects are scheduled for 2019.

A very exciting piece of information is the 1st kite festival will be held this February 9th, 2019 on Buffalo Lake.  This is an opportunity to invite family out for a couple of hours of fun and fresh air. I’ve put in my order for wonderful February weather.

I will continue to update you on pertinent information as it comes up.

Sincerely, your Mayor,

Teri Lachermeier

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