City Of Buffalo Contact List



Phone 763-682-1181
Fax 763-682-6376
City Administrator Laureen Bodin 763-684-5404
Assistant City Administrator
City Clerk Susan Johnson 763-684-5402
Planning Specialist David Kelly 763-684-5407
Engineering/GIS Technician Craig Boeve 763-684-5414
Finance Manager Chrissie Estrada 763-684-5412
Human Resource Manager Shelby Pahl 763-684-5424
Airport Manager Chris Fredrick 763-682-0296
Community Center
Director Suzanne Kolbinger 763-682-6036
Fire Department
Fire Department Emergency 911
Fire Chief John Harnois 763-238-5415  or
Buffalo Wine & Spirits Liquor Stores
Manager Jason Swanson 763-682-2234
Highway Store  621 Highway 55 E. 763-682-2234 Mon-Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 11am-6 pm
Downtown Store 122 1st St. S. 763-682-1138 Mon-Thu 10am-6pm, Fri-Sat 10am-10pm
Parks & Recreation
Director Lee Ryan 763-682-4132
Police Department
Police Department 763-682-5976
Police Emergency 911
Fax 763-684-5444
Officer Response 763-682-7600
Chief of Police Pat Budke 763-682-5976
Utilities Director Jason Meusburger 763-682-5370
Line Foreman Terry Nelson 763-682-1001
EMERGENCY On-Call 763-682-1001
Water Plant
Water Plant 763-682-4040
Chief Water Operator Cara Hesse 763-684-5432
Emergency On-Call 763-238-5026
Water Reclamation Treatment Facility
Chief Operator Ray Wurm 763-682-1182
Emergency On-Call 763-238-5026
Wild Marsh Golf Course
Manager Eric Ritter 763-682-4476
Emergency On-Call 763-238-9902
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