Compost Facility

Compost Facility


The City of Buffalo’s compost site is NOT YET OPEN for the 2018 season. This page will be updated as soon as it is.

If you have yard waste before we open, Wright County’s Compost and Recycling Plant is open year round. This is located at 505 County Road 37 NE. They’re open Tuesdays 9-3, Thursdays 9-6 and the second Saturday of each month from 8-noon. Their phone number is (763) 682-7338 if you have any questions.


The City of Buffalo’s compost facility is typically open from mid to late April through October/November each year, depending on the weather. It is located just west of the Civic Center at 1306 County Road 134.  The facility is  closed on holidays and no access is allowed after hours. Materials accepted at the facility are brush, grass clippings, leaves, and yard waste. Wood chips and composted soil are available for resident’s general use. Leaves need to be removed from plastic bags so plastic does not end up in the compost that is made for other residents to use.

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