City Ordinances

Chapter 1 – General Provisions and Definitions Applicable to the Entire City Code Including Penalty for Violation

Chapter 2 – Administration and General Government

Chapter 3 – Municipal and Public Utilities – Rules and Regulations, Rates, Charges and Collections

Chapter 4 – Construction Licensing, Permits and Regulation

Chapter 5 – Alcoholic Beverages Licensing and Regulation

Chapter 6 – Other Business Regulation and Licensing

Chapter 7 – Streets and Sidewalks Generally

Chapter 8 – Traffic Regulations

Chapter 9 – Parking Regulations

Chapter 10 – Public Protection, Crimes and Offenses

Chapter 11 – Land Use Regulations (Zoning)

Chapter 12 – Subdivision Regulations (Platting)

Chapter 13 – Sign Regulations

Chapter 14 – Administrative Penalties

Chapter 15 – Right-of-Way Management

Chapter 16 – Airport Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 17-19 – Reserved for Future Expansion

Chapter 20 – Listing of Uncoded Ordinances in Effect

Proposed New Ordinances

Ordinances proposed for consideration by the City Council at an upcoming meeting will be posted here.  If no ordinances appear below, then there are no changes currently up for consideration.


Amend CH-2, Section 2.50-Boards and Commissions Generally

Repeal CH-2, Section 2.56 Star City Advisory Commission

Repeal CH-2, Section 2.57  Heritage Preservation Advisory Commission

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