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Airport Manager

Fuel Type   100LL

Price / Gallon – $4.75  (11/8/2021)            24 hour self-service:  via Major Credit Card

Welcome to our airport!

Buffalo Municipal Airport opened in July of 1966 as a grass strip airport.  Today our runway (18/36) is paved and is 3200′ x 75′.

The airport is owned by the City of Buffalo with self service 100LL fuel available 24 hours (self service) with Master Card or Visa. Chris Fredrick is the Airport Manager and  you can find his office in the Arrival/Departure Building. Chris can be contacted at 763-682-0296.

Our airport has two businesses on the field: West Metro Aviation serves the Buffalo Municipal Airport as the Fixed Base Operator (FBO).  West Metro’s phone number is 763.682.1516.

D’Shannon Aviation is the other business located at the airport and they are a manufacturer of “upgrades” for the Beeachcraft fleet. D’Shannon can be reached at 763.559.5998.

More information about the Buffalo Municipal Airport is listed below in the drop down menus under Airport Information.

Airport & Local Information

2021 Airfield Maintenance Project

Airport Advisory Board

Meeting Schedule

Buffalo Municipal Airport Advisory Board Meetings are held five times a year – Feb, May, Aug, Oct and Nov.  The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Buffalo Airport Arrival & Departure Building located at 1305 County Road 134. November meeting rescheduled until December 1, 2021

Current Board Members

Board Members Term Expires
Chairperson – Doug Roush 12-31-23
Stephen Blyseth 12-31-21
Bill Hill 12-31-23
Robert Kircher 12-31-22
Eric Kolkind 12-31-21
Jeff Anderson 12-31-23
Paul Kelly 12-31-22
Airport Advisory Board City Council Liaison:  Scott Enter  –   If you are interested in applying to become a Buffalo Municipal Airport Advisory Board Member please click on the link below for an application that can be filled out and returned to City Hall at 212 Central Ave, Buffalo. Advisory Board Application

Airport Advisory Board Handbook

Airport Arrival / Departure Building


A/D Building Reservations:

The A/D Building can be reserved by non-profit groups for free. Businesses can reserve the room for $100 per day. Please contact City Hall at 763-682-1181 for more information or click on the link below to fill out the form. Arrival & Departure Building Reservation Form

Airport Events
  • Fly-In Breakfast & Classic Car Show
    • 2022 Event – TBD
    • Sponsored by:
      • EAA Chapter 878 – Maple Lake, MN
      • West Metro Aviation
      • Wright County Car Club
  • 2022 Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering
    • 2022 Event – TBD
    • Sponsored by:
      • Minnesota Pilots Association
Airport Specifications

Runway 18/36: (3200′ x 75′)aerial-18-framed

Runway Elevation and Coordinates
Item Runway 18 Runway 36
End Coordinates
N: 167719.73; E: 510345.40
N: 164519.98; E: 510305.22
End Latitude & Longitude
Latitude: 45-09-47.57995 Longitude: 093-50-35.62246
Latitude: 45-09-15.98898 Longitude: 093-50-36.20531
End Elevations
Touch Down Zone Elevations

Note: Coordinates and Latitude/Longitudes are in NAD83 Wright County 1996 adjustment. Elevationsare in NAVD 1988. Fuel: 100LL (self/serve and available 24hr with Visa or MC) Airport Communications:

WX AWOS-3: 120.45 (763-684-0762)
Business at the Airport

West Metro Aviation

West Metro Aviation is owned, operated, and staffed by people who have a real passion for aviation. Our NASCAR style shop is a reflection of the quality work we try to provide for our customers. Our door is open, come on out, have a cup of coffee, ask some questions, and see what we’re doing out here. Click to visit West Metro Aviation website

D’Shannon Aviation

D’Shannon Aviation: World’s largest STC holder and manufacturer of ‘Upgrades’ for the Beechcraft fleet of Bonanzas, Debonairs and Barons…Leading the industry for more than 50 years. Click to visit D’Shannon Aviation website

Courtesy Car

Courtesy Car is available on a first come first serve basis.

Courtesy Car

Courtesy car lock box is located in the “Pilot’s Weather Station” by the light switch inside the Arrival Departure Building.

Fill out the Airport Courtesy Car Agreement ahead of time to save you time once you get to the airport.

If you do have any questions regarding the Courtesy Car please call the Airport Manager, Chris Fredrick at: Office – 763.682.0296 or Cell – 651.829.7312

Delta Aviation Flying Club

Delta Aviation’s goal is to provide flying for an affordable price in well-maintained aircraft.  Located at the Buffalo Municipal Airport we have soared the skies together for over 60 years. Our planes are equipped for IFR flying, and both have a Garmin 430W GPS installed. Both planes are safely stored in hangars year-round. For more information check out our website

Economic & Community Benefits

MN Airports Economic Impact Study

The Minnesota Department of Transportation conducted a study of the annual economic impacts generated by 126 of Minnesota’s 133 public airports. In addition to the 126 study airports, there are seven public airports owned by the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The MAC previously completed two economic impact studies and those results were integrated into the Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study to estimate statewide totals.

Minnesota airports contribute $18.2 billion annually to the state economy.  The study was completed in 2019.


Click on the links below for the Statewide Economic & Community Benefits.


Click on the link below to learn more about entire Statewide Economic Study from MN Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division.

Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study

History of the Buffalo Municipal Airport

Beginning In the early 1960’s when aviation traffic started increasing, there were local people in Buffalo who were trying to obtain a local airport. Although there had been efforts made previously toward getting an airport in Buffalo there were greater priorities for other projects within the village. A few years later, a group of individuals and businesses gained village council approval for an airport. Meetings were held with Mn/DOT Aeronautics that resulted with Buffalo being placed on the priority list for towns to get an airport. The Buffalo Municipal Airport was then opened in July of 1966 after the grass runway had been completed. The Flight Operations building was donated by the City. Several local businesses and clubs donated money and material to remodel the old granary building (see picture below). The Delta Flying Club installed a gas tank and was the first to sell fuel at the airport. During the 1970’s Red (Baron) Anderson established his Red Baron Flying Service at the airport. Red was listed as airport supervisor and The Delta Club gave their gasoline business to Red as well. Red served his role as manager of the airport until 1986. In 1965, Wright County Aviation, Inc., was formed to raise funds to construct a 6-unit T-hangar. Thirty-six individuals purchased a $100 share, to cover the 20% down payment and Mn/Dot loaned the remaining 80% to be paid off after seven years. This hangar was donated to the City of Buffalo once it was paid off. A 2nd T-hangar was bought in 1979 much the way the 1st hangar was and was donated back to the City in 1990. Paved Surface Areas In the spring of 1980 Mn/DOT Aeronautics allocated money that was used to pave hard surfaces around the (2) T-hangars and taxiways to the north and middle entrances to the runway. With the help of many volunteers and donations a paved runway measuring 2600′ x 60′ was completed in the fall of 1986. The paving of the runway led to Buffalo Aviation opening their doors in the old operations building while construction of their 80′ x 100′ commercial hangar (this hangar is now owned by D’Shannon Aviation) was erected. Buffalo Aviation began hosting open houses/pancake breakfasts in the late 1980’s that included championship aerobatic air shows.  These open houses were held in June in conjunction with The City of Buffalo’s annual event called Buffalo Days.  Today, the Buffalo Municipal Fly-In Breakfast includes a car show and air show and is hosted by West Metro Aviation. Formation of Airport Advisory Board In 1985 the Buffalo Municipal Airport Advisory Board was formed.  The board held monthly meetings and with help from Mn/DOT Aeronautics and the FAA an engineering firm was hired to assist the board with an Airport Layout Plan (ALP).  The ALP was needed for the airport to become eligible for Federal funding for future construction plans at the airport. In the early 1990’s, an ALP with a cross wind runway was adopted by the Advisory Board but it never came to fruition because of opposition to a longer runway.  Many local citizens believed that the crosswind runway would be used for larger aircraft to land in Buffalo.  In 1991 a third T-Hangar was erected through the Mn/DOT Aviations hangar loan program and additional taxiways were also paved. In 2000 the Buffalo City Council, with recommendation from the Advisory Board, approved the development of a new ALP and Bolton & Menk engineering firm was hired to help with this project.  The improvements outlined in the ALP were based primarily on the safety concerns for extension of the taxiway to the south and extension of the runway. Also in 2000, four private hangers began construction in a newly developed privately owned hangar area.  The Advisory Board worked with City Council to change the zoning in this area so that private hangars could build more affordably on land that the City of Buffalo leases to the hangar owners.  Today, we have twenty-one privately owned hangars at the airport. In the fall of 2001 ground was broken for a 4th City owned T-Hangar that would be Buffalo’s first hangar that would include individual stalls.  This hangar was completed leased before construction began and the new tenants moved into the hangar in the fall of 2002.  The fall of 2003 saw the installation of an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) by Mn/DOT Aeronautics and in June of 2005 a new fuel tank and automated system were installed on the west side of the apron. Arrival Departure Building old-ad-bldg-framed-w-caption The Advisory Board’s next task was to replace the old operations building with a new Arrival/Departure (A/D) Building and discussions were ongoing over the 2004/2005 winter months after receiving the local portion of funds needed from the Buffalo Housing and Redevelopment Association (HRA).  The new A/D building was completed in 2005/2006 and features a meeting room for 50, airport manager’s office, 24/7 weather station, pilots lounge, kitchenette and restrooms.  In March of 2007 the City was notified that the newly constructed A/D building would be receiving an Award of Excellence for design at the Minnesota Council of Airports annual symposium. In December of 2007 the Advisory Board started to develop yet another new ALP because of the speed of growth and interest at the airport. This new plan should take the airport through the year 2017.

Runway Improvements & Parallel Taxiway Added The Airport Board continued to work with Bolton & Menk, Mn/DOT Aeronautics and the FAA from 2007 to 2010 on the ALP. In early 2010, the Buffalo City Council passed the Airport Improvement Project that resulted in the runway being extended from 2600′ to 3200′, widened from 60′ to 75′, new full length parallel taxiway, new runway pilot controlled lighting and PAPI’s, larger ramp area, larger parking lot with new south and north access roads with security gates and new retention drainage ponds. The airport was shut down for approximately four weeks and reopened on September 3, 2010. In May of 2011 the Buffalo Municipal Airport was notified by the FAA that runway 17/35 would officially be changed to runway 18/36 starting in July because of changes in the polar magnetic shifts.
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