Fire Resources & Links

Key Box Program

Contact City Hall at 763-682-1181 for information and the order form for the Dama Lock Box. 

Links & Informational Sites

  • US Fire Administration
  • Firehouse Magazine  -Magazine on the web that has information on Fire departments from around the USA.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning  –This is an informational web site on carbon-monoxide (CO) poisoning, the cause and affects as well as symptoms of CO poisoning
  • Fire Bans  –State of Minnesota’s web site for information on fire bans and other related areas for outdoor activities
  • Emergency Response  –State of Minnesota’s web site for Emergency Response created for Minnesota in the post 9/11 world.
  • Department of Public Safety  –Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety web site, with links to all public safety related web site in the state.
  • National Weather Service  –This is the Official web site of the National Weather Service. It has weather radar, watch and warning boxes and satellites maps for local and national weather.
  • Minnesota State Fire Department  –This web site was formed by the Minnesota State Fire Department Association for Firefighters by Firefighters
  • FEMA for Kids  –This web site was designed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with kids in mind. It is an interactive web site with games for kids to play and information on fire prevention for kids and adults a like.
  • FEMA  –This the official web site of the Federal Emergency Management Agency