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Population is 16,670 as of 2020 (demographer's estimate) and growing. The household estimate as of April 1, 2019 was 6,041 and growing.

Location, Location, Location

Buffalo is a mix of small community charm and suburban amenities with a charming downtown area and various large retail box stores. Buffalo is located just outside the Twin Cities Metro area about 42 miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis and also a convenient drive to the St. Cloud Metro area. Buffalo is the county seat of Wright County and a regional destination for shopping, services and leisure.

Beautiful Place to Live

Buffalo residents are fortunate to have two valuable natural resources in Lake Pulaski and Buffalo Lake. Both of these lakes are precious to us for the many recreational and leisure time activities that they provide. 

Buffalo received the America in Bloom national contest award for its focus on tidiness, environmental awareness, community involvement, heritage preservation, urban forestry, landscaped areas, floral displays and turf and ground cover. Each year, the city's streets are aligned with hanging gardens and in-ground floral displays making the community a very attractive place for visitors as well as those who enjoy living in Buffalo.

Some Reasons Why Residents & Businesses Choose Buffalo

  • Diverse Recreation OpportunitiesFlower Round - Web
  • Extensive Trails and Parks
  • Highly Regarded School District
  • Picturesque Downtown and Open Spaces
  • Strong Neighborhoods
  • Variety of Local Businesses
  • Vibrant Arts and Culture Community