Even/Odd Watering Restrictions Starting July 19

Even/Odd Watering Restrictions in Place Starting July 19


July 13, 2017 –   Starting Wednesday, July 19th, an Even/Odd watering restriction will go into place within the City of Buffalo.  Program rules are listed below:

  • Even number addresses are permitted to water on even days
  • Odd number addresses are permitted to water on odd days
  • Daily watering of produce and flower gardens is permitted

In order to conserve water and prevent waste, please also remember the following guidelines:

  • Make sure water is landing on vegetation, not on hard paved surfaces.
  • Water during early morning or late-night hours.
  • One inch of water per week is all your lawn needs to survive dry times.

As we have all observed recently, we have hit a dry spell where we have not seen significant rain fall.  At the same time, we are seeing significant increases in water usage which has drawn down the regional underground water aquifer.  The City is implementing an enhanced water conservation program beginning July 19th, 2017 and continuing until further notice in order to preserve resources for this community and the surrounding region served by the aquifer.

Please schedule irrigation systems appropriately for the new watering program.  If you have any questions or would like more water conservation information, please contact Chief Water Operator Cara Hesse at 763-684-5432.  Thank you for your help!


Together we can preserve our precious resource…water.